impactRI provides community based, decision-making technologies linking thousands of people together to collectively identify unique ideas and answers to our most challenging commercial, socio-political and scientific questions.

Introducing Qiark

Introducing QIARK

QIARK is available globally and can be applied to any organisation, commercial or otherwise, seeking fresh approaches in their sector. QIARK is primarily used to identify new ideas and innovations, carry out more in-depth market research and provide more effective decision making.

New ideas and answers take time to be identified and turned into actionable insights. QIARK’s unique proprietary technology enables thousands of innovations to be evaluated in minutes and brings ideas and answers to the surface which may not, otherwise, have been considered.

QIARK disrupts traditional Market research surveys that are restricted to multiple choice or yes/no answers. Instead, using QIARK, organisations can ask questions which produce whole sentences in free text, giving individuals an opportunity to submit their own ideas and answers and then decide which ideas they favour.

Qiark reduces numerous biases. Sometimes people lack the confidence to say what they think or follow the crowd rather than find something new. Sometimes those who shout the loudest are heard the most. QIARK provides a level playing field in which ideas and answers ideas are judged equally and can be submitted anonymously.


A technology which genuinely authenticates a process of distributed intelligence: no bias, no compromises, no algorithms


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