impactRI provides business intelligence and community-based decision-making technologies; linking thousands of people together - to collectively identify unique ideas and answers to our most challenging commercial, socio-political and scientific questions.




Available globally, QIARK can be applied to any organisation seeking fresh approaches in their sector - commercial or otherwise. QIARK is primarily used to identify and prioritise new ideas and innovations, carry out more in-depth market research, and provide more effective decision making.

It's time for a technology which genuinely facilitates a process of distributed intelligence: no complex set-up, no biases, no compromises.

Disaffected members could leave Ukip if Gerard Batten stays leader, say insiders

Britain lets Putin move his dark money with impunity. That has to stop | Oliver Bullough

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Goodbye cars, hello colour: the great reinvention of city intersections

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Trade war is hitting Thailand's tourism industry as Chinese arrivals plunge

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“I am born with lava, and I will die with lava.”

If you're stuck in a rut, these are the TED talks for you.

"The only thing that could've stopped me from being raped that night is the man who raped me — had he stopped himself."

Watch @thordiselva and Tom Stranger's extraordinary TED Talk about rape and reconciliation:

These temporary tattoos can help you stay healthy:

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