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QIARK & St John Ambulance - Volunteers & Staff

impactRI was delighted to offer St John Ambulance the use of QIARK so that 500 St John Ambulance people could contribute their inspiring ideas for St John Ambulance’s Phase 1 operational restructure enabling it to become ‘Community Operations’. 

As can be seen from the St John Ambulance video, QIARK assisted in the collation and evaluation of views on matters such as: organisational improvement: vehicle and kit logistics; future fleet investment; and the retention of volunteers and St John People. We attended Hackathon 2 for the day and found that, not only is St John Ambulance a very worthy cause; but it is also supported by a dedicated, passionate and extremely hardworking group of people. We shall be working again with St John Ambulance because in their words, ‘The young people really love the QIARK system, but at the same time, those who may not be familiar with such systems found it was very easy to use’.

QIARK’s process enables any organisation – large or small – to problem solve with all of their community, from small teams to large ones, so that the rich and varied experience and knowledge of all of their people can be communicated directly to management teams and others. 

ImpactRI provides QIARK, our patent pending business intelligence and community-based insights technology; linking thousands of people together – to collectively identify unique ideas and answers to our most challenging commercial, socio-political and scientific questions. 

The ultimate in decision making technology, our online system ‘QIARK’ provides consensus , outlines support for each individual answer to a question, and identifies unique problem solving ideas at rapid speed – from thousands of submissions.

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