Introducing QIARK

Impact for Business Evaluation, Private Equity and the Markets

  • Business Evaluation
  • Financial Markets
  • ESG Markets
  • Fintechs
  • CrowdSourcing & Platform Cooperatives
  • Cooperative, Ethical and Islamic Finance

Business Evaluation

We are current working with some of the most influential bodies in the world to help create faster, fairer and more economical ways to assess businesses, from ‘Start-Up’ to SMEs, to help source and target grants and Private Equity, using the full extent of the innovative resource in the business community and experts in these fields.

Financial Markets and ESG Trading

The whole investment and financial market arena is changing to a much more qualitative focus, looking to assess both financial value, and the inherent value, associated primarily with sustainability and human values.

ESG products have become the biggest growth market of any class of trades.

Financial Markets – Fintechs

In addition to this, Fintechs are looking to discover new alpha opportunities, which really means people, innovation, alternative trades, and risk evaluation at a level quite beyond straight-forward backward looking algorithms. It means finding ways to engage their platform members and the users of their platform interactions far more proactively.

CrowdSourcing & Platform Cooperatives

As an example of the magnitude of this opportunity, the European Commission is looking to streamline its approach to business and scientific research, using more extensive forms of crowdsourcing. Using the business community for evaluation, and as a source of private equity. From Business Intelligence to the management of Cooperative Platforms this is the future of business at all levels.

Working together at this level ensures  that decisions are shared, ideas and innovations are considered collectively to ensure they are viable and maximized in their efficiency.

Cooperative, Ethical and Islamic Finance

Cooperative Investments and those falling under Islamic Finance are looking to screen investments in their own particular ways, and need to do so more efficiently, and at the same time develop competitive products in a competitive world.

We are liaising with these areas of business across the world, including CrowdSourcing projects related to targeted, ethical projects.

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