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Data as Capital

In recent articles, the Financial Times are suggesting that we are living in a brave new world, with entirely new currencies require creative thinking economically, legally and politically.

They recognise like us, the potential for people to realise their knowledge for value and call this data capitalism. They have applauded research into this area of the economy saying “it would be a wonderful thing if such projects flourished. …Users around the world, including the US, would cheer them on.”

This is very important

The largest European economies, used to grow five percent per annum in the ’50s, ’60s, early ’70s.

From 1973 to 1983 it was three percent per annum and rom 1983 to 1995, just two percent per annum. Since 1995 it has been less than one percent per annum.

The same profile is true in Japan, in the US, despite a momentary rebound 15 years ago, and this despite all the technological innovations around us: the Internet and the new information and communication technologies.

This is very important

When an economy grows three percent per annum, you double the standard of living every generation. Every generation is twice as well-off as its parents’.

When it grows one percent per annum, it takes three generations to double the standard of living. And in this process, many people will be less well-off than their parents. They will have less of everything: smaller roofs, or perhaps no roof at all, less access to education, to vitamins, to antibiotics, to vaccination, to everything. Think of all the problems that we’re facing at the moment the chances are that in reality they are rooted in this crisis.

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