QIARK – Alleviating Bias

QIARK – Alleviating Bias

One of the most equitable features of QIARK is that, at the point of submitting ideas in response to a question, contributors are completely anonymous for the Adjudication phase. No names are given. No images are given. No previous ‘posts’, ‘thumbs up or down’ or ‘follows’ are given (thus alleviating ‘Halo’ or popularity effects). People simply submit their responses – and their views are considered fairly without biases or personal prejudices of ethnicity, gender, disability, age, religion, ghettoization or more.

Even hierarchies do not play a part in the evaluation of ideas – as each view is adjudicated on the merit of how the contributor answered the question that is set, rather than who submitted it. In this way an idea could be entered by a principal director of a company, or a person who may have decades of company-life experience and works on the ‘shop floor’; similarly, in communities such as: schools, associations or local focus groups etc., each view is adjudicated impartially, regardless of leadership roles or position.

By using QIARK it is really is possible to reduce biases in order to access and utilize the collective intelligence of everyone in your business, group or community.

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