In the autumn of last year, members of our team read the book ‘Big Mind’ by Geoff Mulgan. Finding some synergy with his thinking, we attended his talk and book-signing evening, hosted by Nesta.

A few months later, we travelled to the Nesta, ‘Challenges of our Era’, summit in Milan; where speakers provided insights into Surgical Equity, Agriculture & Food production, and Data for Good – with delegates such as ourselves,  attending workshops on crucial topics such as ‘Feeding the 10 billion’. We made valuable contacts at the summit and offered the services of QIARK to the Future Food Institute’s Global Mission 2018 (see case studies).

More recently we attended Nesta’s, ‘Designing Collective Intelligence – mobilising humans and machines to address social needs’ event in London where we reconnected with the Collective Intelligence Unit of the Copenhagen Business School.


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