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Collective Intelligence at your Fingertips

On 6-7 March, 2018 impactRI attended the Nesta, ‘Challenges of our Era’ summit in Milan. The keynote speakers provided insights into Surgical Equity, Agriculture and Food Production, and Data for Good – with delegates attending workshops on crucial topics such as ‘Feeding the 10 Billion’.

Amongst a fascinating network of experts and researchers, we met Sara Roversi, Keynote speaker and Founder of the Future Food Institute based in Bologna. As a result, we were kindly invited to visit the Future Food Institute in June where we marvelled at the way they have regenerated a beautiful part of Bologna’s old city with their Scuderia community food lab and pop-up restaurant; their ground-breaking university programmes; and their holistic approach to education for responsible and sustainable food aimed at: future innovators, students, entrepreneurs, start-ups, communities, children and businesses.

At impactri, we believe in global responsibility, sustainability and ethical business practices and so we offered the Future Food Institute the free use of our QIARK system on their FIGM 18 world tour. Our aim was to show that, by using the QIARK system, it was possible for FIGM 18 to:

1.      Collect innovative ideas from the participants of conferences, tours and meetings in natural language

2.      Identify the ideas/solutions which the attendees found to be the most important

3.      Produce prioritisation and actionable results from the findings

4.      Instigate a funding model that could finance:

  • future tours
  • investment into the solutions provided by the key note speakers or their organisations
  • the use of QIARK for operational and problem solving by corporate sponsors/partners

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